large size watch screen protector

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  • Material: tempered glass

    0.13mm high-transparent anti-scratch film, product description: The surface of the protective film is treated with abrasion and scratch resistance, and the anti-scratch index reaches 4H.

    0.33mm soft tempered film: TPU material, thickness 0.33mm, hardness 8H, the main function is explosion-proof,

    0.3mm nano explosion-proof membrane. Product description: arm nano material, thickness 0.3mm, scratch resistance 7H, soft and tough material, good anti-riot, shock, pressure, drop, etc.

    0.32mm automatic repair membrane. Product description: The explosion-proof membrane is made of special memory glue, with a highly transparent nano-layer on the surface, with a thickness of 0.32mm.

    0.26mm anti-blue light eye protection film, product description: PET material, anti-blue light protection film is a product developed based on reducing the damage of blue light to people. Thickness 0.26mm, scratch resistance 6H, non-tempered glass film.

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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 30 cm



Anti blue light film, Import HD film, Soft tempered film