Magnetic Anti Camera Notebook Screen Film

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Product information:

Applicable brand and model: Apple

Material: pet, imported from Germany, three-layer PET

Process: machining

Applicable equipment: Apple laptop film

Applicable product: laptop

Non-Apple brand products, compatible with IPhone models

Packing list:

Notebook screen film * 1

Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 360 × 230 × 10 cm

13A2159 A1706 A1989, 13A2338 A2251 A2289, 2019Pro16 A2141, 2021Pro 14A2442 M1, 2021Pro16 A2485 M1, 2022M2 Pro13.3, 2022M2Air13.6, Air13 Touch IDA1932, Air13.3 A1466 A1369, Air13.3 A2337 A2179, For Macbook 12inch, ForMacbook 15A1398, Pro13 inch A1708, Pro13.3 A1425 A1502, Pro15 A1707 A1990


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